Gulfport Seabee Base Holds Annual Active Shooter Drill

It’s been almost a year since a disgruntled soldier went on a shooting spree in Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. The gunman managed to go through three buildings and encountered dozens of people on the base before the rampage ended in his suicide. Gunfire rings out, bullets fly, and bodies go down as two gunmen open fire at a military base.

Time is critical, and in this case, the difference between life and death as one sailor bleeds out. The gunmen are still on the loose and looking for targets. The Seabees know they need to get the situation under control and call for back up. Fortunately, on this day, it’s only a test, a training exercise they have each year. Rob Mims, Public Affairs Officer for the Seabee Base, says, "Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield actually focuses a lot on the communication process between our first responders, also with our community, to basically make sure everyone knows what’s going on to ensure their safety and security."

Every year, the scenario is a little different. This year, there were two shooters. The first one entered and opened fire. He met up with the second shooter, who was also his partner, then took his life before taking his own. Then the survivors called for help. Captain Paul Odenthall, Commanding Officer of the Seabee Base, says, "The incident that we went through today is something that can actually happen here on the base or in the local community and we have to be prepared for these things in order to protect our people and to protect the community as well."

That’s what the drill is all about, preparing for a situation they hope to never find themselves in, but knowing if it does happen, they’re well prepared. The drills will continue on into next week. Base officials say to expect traffic delays on Pass Road near the base next Wednesday and Thursday due to increased security.

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