Gulfport School District education update

Gulfport School District Superintendent Glen East hosted a breakfast where he gave an update on education this morning.
The Gulfport School District has changed a lot over the past year and one of the biggest improvements was the opening of the new and improved high school. One of the issues that the school district is having is a lack of quality teachers.
According to East, in 2007, the state gave out over seven thousand teacher license and in 2017 they only gave out around 700.
East told News 25 what he thinks the next step for the school district will be. “One of the major topics that we are having right now is that pre-school concept. We know that we have got to figure out how to help our day cares, our head starts, and ourselves to produce more rigorous reading curriculum to prepare kids for school. So, I think our next step in this strategic plan, what I’m hearing is a major emphasis on pre-k education.”
East says that the graduation rate has risen from 70 percent to 90 percent in the Gulfport School District.

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