Gulfport residents march for police accountability

Community members marched and protested this afternoon in Gulfport to demand police accountability in the country.

Local citizens are continuing to make their voices heard about topics of national significance. Event Organizer Jonathan Curry said, “Be it my generation or the generation before me, we’re still fighting for the same things, we just want equality, the ability to express our freedoms.”

A small group marched on foot from Jones Park to the Harrison County Courthouse to demand police accountability and police reform in the United States.

Curry says the death of Breonna Taylor has prompted him to participate and host marches. “We should all be treated the same. No one should have to fear the police, no one.”

Other marchers discussed what police accountability means to them. Attendee She Velasquez said, “Police accountability means that when an event like what happened with Breonna Taylor or George Floyd happens that the police are actually accountable for their actions instead of it just getting swept under the rug that they’re actually going to be prosecuted.”

As they shared their message with the public, organizers hope more people join in on conversations of police reform moving forward. “It’s a big issue, and it’s definitely bigger than me. One person’s opinion isn’t going to change anything, it’s going to take all of us.”

“It’s not just a black or white issue. If we start with police reform it’s going to be good for everyone.”

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