Gulfport residents heading to Super Bowl LII

As a part of the Super Bowl build up, the NFL has given two tickets to every franchise to use in a promotional giveaway. The 64 lucky fans arrive in Minneapolis tomorrow as one big group. Two of them reside in Gulfport. Greg and Traycee Williams are living the dream, leading up to the big game and they say the only thing that could have made their trip any better is a Black and Gold Super Bowl.
“Who Dat say they’re going to the Super Bowl! This is just the most exciting thing that has ever happened. I mean we’ve done a lot of things in our life, we’ve been a lot of places, but this tops them all.” Greg and Traycee Williams are less than 24 hours away from embarking on the trip of a lifetime. “They’ve been sending us things that keep reinforcing that this is real. We are going. We will be in Minneapolis this time tomorrow afternoon.”
An all expenses paid weekend to Super Bowl 52 all because they clicked on a link on the New Orleans Saints website. “I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a telemarketer and low and behold it was real.”
The happy couple had won the grand prize: two tickets to the big game with a surprise handoff from fan favorite Delvin Breaux. “I needed somebody to pinch me because I thought that I was on Cloud 9 somewhere. Anybody that knows me knows that I am an all-out Saints fan and just to be able to meet these guys, man I teared up. I did, I teared up. And they know I’ll cry at the drop of a dime, but I was in tears.”
Traycee says they also got to meet Drew Brees back on January 22nd, just eight days after the Black and Gold were eliminated from Super Bowl contention in the most painful way imaginable. Those were a different kind of tears. “Aww we went off up in here, she started crying. She didn’t want to talk to nobody, didn’t answer her phone, her friends got upset with her. I just said okay baby, we good, we good. We’re still going to the Super Bowl, though.”
It took a few days for the life-long Saints fans to accept the fact that New Orleans wouldn’t be making a return trip to Minneapolis for Super Bowl Sunday. Former players like Malcolm Jenkins and the injured Darren Sproles made it easy to find a new team to root for. “It did have to sink in again, but once it did sink in we were like wow, we’re going to the Super Bowl. We are going to the Super Bowl! We’re going to the Super Bowl!” “And we were saying well, we’ve got Saints players anyway. Philadelphia has most of our players, so we’re going for Philadelphia. We’ve got to be Philadelphia fans.”
But, let’s not get it twisted. This is a Who Dat household through and through with a guest room devoted entirely to the Black and Gold. “My purpose for it is so when I get an Atlanta Falcons fan who wants to come and stay the night, when they get up in the morning they’ll wake up and go Who Dat!”
It’s only fitting that a trip so special would end up in the hands of two die-hard fans and not just of the Saints, but of the entire NFL. The lucky winners are giving all the credit to big guns upstairs and a stroke of good karma. “I don’t know, it was just fate. It was meant to be. I just believe in my heart that it was just meant to be.” “God took care of that for us from being nice to everybody. We open up our house and our heart to everybody, we take care of children. And our pastor said, Pastor Adolph said it like this. He said it’s y’all’s turn to win, and this one is for you.”
Greg and Traycee say they’ll be rocking brand new Saints jerseys on game day and that they’ll have a 70 percent chance of getting on the field at the conclusion of Super Bowl 52.

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