Gulfport Reports: I-10 and North Gulfport

Gulfport, like the rest of the Coast, is always looking for ways to develop and grow and this morning residents had the chance to learn that their city is working towards just that.

‘Gulfport Reports’ is a series of events throughout the year that focus on developments and growth within the city.

At this morning’s report, they had two speakers: Brandon Elliot, president of Elliot Homes, and Greg Pietrangelo, Gulfport Urban Development director.

Elliot spoke about how we can better improve our reputation as a community to get businesses and people to want to be in our area. Pietrangelo spoke about new developments near the I-10 coordinator and in North Gulfport.

Some things that he mentioned were new motorsports venues near Highway 605 and I-10, the Gulfport Highlands Project, and a new YMCA. “I think we have affordable land, good infrastructure in place, we have a city government who are willing to work with businesses and work with developers as we do every day in the planning department. We take square pegs and fit in round holes everyday to get those businesses to fit within our city. We want them here so we have a good tax base. We are not overly taxed so I think those people see the value and the quality of life.”

Another point Pietrangelo mentioned was the expansion of Dedeaux Road which will eventually be four lanes from Highway 605 to 49.

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