Gulfport Police Officer will appear on ‘Cops’

Airing tonight on the Fox Nation streaming service, Cops, the decades old docu-series, features Sgt. Steven Fore of the Gulfport Police Department.

Members of the police department tell News 25 that Fox camera crews spent eight weeks doing ride-alongs with Gulfport officers. The featured clip shows Fore making an arrest during a traffic stop.

After the episode, Sgt. Fore will commentate alongside journalist Geraldo Rivera.

Fore was also sworn in as a full-time officer in 2012 and was promoted to sergeant early this year.

Gulfport PD officers also appeared in an episode of Cops in 2019. Sgt. Fore said, “I was nervous about it, but the two guys that rode with me ended up feeling like friends in the car, so they’re able to calm everything down. I mean the main thing is just being on the episode of ‘COPS’ was, you know, everyone’s seen ‘COPS’ before. Whether you were 4 years old, I mean, your whole life you’ve seen episodes of ‘COPS,’ so just being able to be on the episode was just something I wanted to do, so, it was good.”

Fox Nation is the channel’s streaming service that rebooted Cops after its cancellation last year.

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