Gulfport Police holds press conference on officer-involved shooting

Gulfport Police Chief Adam Cooper held a press conference today to discuss the shooting that occurred at Family Dollar on October 6th.

Chief Cooper began the conference by saying he has requested the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take over the case’s investigation.

He then discussed details on the case such as claiming that McMillan was armed, did not comply with officers, and turned his weapon towards an officer.

Chief Cooper also mentioned that Gulfport Police Lt. Bryan Watson was not in state during the shooting and was not involved with it in any way.

He announced this due to several people believing Watson was the shooter and leaking Watson’s private information like his address and family photos online. Chief Cooper said, “This tragic situation has touched many lives. I understand that everybody wants answers of what led up and happened in this deadly encounter. Words from me will do little to comfort the individuals involved.”

The Gulfport Police Department will also conduct its own internal investigation for possible violations of its policy.

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