The Gulfport mayor’s youth council spent time this week hand-making valentines for community members who might not get one otherwise. They knocked on their doors, with cards in hand. In hopes of showing these senior citizens they are remembered and loved this Valentine’s Day.
Ellie Herndon a Gulfport mayor’s youth council member said “we knew that a lot of people might not be getting a lot of attention or visitors being in the hospital or being away from their families on this day and so we just wanted to come see them and let them know that they are remembered and loved in our community.” These high schoolers visited seashore highlands senior living as well as encompass health hospital.
Zina Lillard was one of those at seashore highlands who got one of these handmade cards and her smile says it all. Zina Lillard said “I’m just flabbergasted. I never get anything special. Usually they come because they’ve been asked for. It’s a sweet thought. Makes you think that you are maybe somebody.” Lillard wasn’t the only one touched by these cards.. Almost every person who got a card said it made their whole day. Edith Warning another Seashore Highlands Resident said “I feel great. I feel remembered and liked by somebody.” Ellie Herndon said it’s just so awesome to me to see how a card can just make someone’s entire day.”
These youth council members enjoyed giving them just as much as the senior citizens were to get them. Chloe Shoemaker another member of the Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council said “my favorite part about giving out these cards is just seeing all of the senior citizens faces. Their smiles just brighten up the room.”

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