Gulfport Mayoral and City Council Swearing in Ceremony

Almost a month after the conclusion of the 2021 municipal elections, another Coast city is welcoming its newly elected city government this evening.

Billy Hewes took the oath of office as the city of Gulfport’s mayor for the third time tonight at the Centennial Plaza Chapel.

All seven councilmembers were also sworn in, including the lone newcomer Richard Kosloski, who will be representing ward seven.

Following his swearing in, Mayor Hewes reflected on his previous eight years in office and announced his focuses for the next four years: public safety, infrastructure, and economic development.

With two terms under his belt and another one just beginning, Mayor Hewes spoke about why he continues to choose to serve the City of Gulfport. “It’s a calling. Some might call it an affliction. But some believe that you can convey the needs of others and respond to folks. And for me it was something that I just progressed into. And it worked out that I was able to do just that is listen to folks, try to put a package together or idea and move it forward, whether it was in the legislature or have a more immediate effect as mayor where you can impact lives directly with projects, with repairs, with help. So those type of things keep you going.”

The first city council meeting of the new term is set to take place Tuesday, July 6th at 1:30 p.m.

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