Gulfport High School students grieve classmate

Students at Gulfport High School remember their classmate Jaheim McMillan.

Gathering in the school court yard, students made posters that read ‘Justice for Jaheim,’ they huddled together, listened to music, and supported each other as they grieve the life of the 15-year-old.

WXXV spoke to Sandy Commer-East, Gulfport School District’s public relations director, who tells us in so many words: “We want to be supportive of our students as they grieve. We provided resources and counselors to speak with students. Any time you lose a young person, it’s sad and we want to support them.”

Gulfport High senior Zanya Quin said, “Some people at the school don’t know so I feel like they should know because his life was taken. I feel like that should be recognized everywhere. So, I just thought we come together and get it recognized. High school students like going out and having fun and it’s like we have to worry about will we make it back home to our parents or not.”

Students also wore custom t-shirts as they grieve the life of their friend.

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