Gulfport High School students conduct mock sarin gas disaster

Students at Gulfport High School experienced first hand how first responders react during an emergency situation.

Students in the HHS Institute at Gulfport High School participated in a mock sarin gas disaster to learn how to handle an emergency situation by rotating through stations that detailed the attack and ways to properly react. Academy Instructor Beth Wilson said, “We tied in our standards and made it more fun, more real life for them and exposed them to more everyday jobs that they can do and to understand what we are doing is important.”

First responders from Gulfport Fire Department, Gulfport Police Department, AMR, and Harrison County Emergency Management Services lent a hand in helping bring the mock disaster to life. “So, we are showing them how everyone responds to a crisis situation from the community aspect.”

Students learned about the job of a public information officer, set up a command center, reenacted the sarin gas disaster, then held a news conference debriefing to inform other students on what took place.

Zechariah Boykin-Dedeaux played the role of the public information officer and says the experience helped him realize it is a team effort. “Everybody has to kind of jump in and act.”

The mock disaster was not only a fun way of learning for the students involved, but also a recruiting tool for students in ninth and tenth grade looking to join the institute. Student Amari Jackson-Wright said, “Overall, it was a good experience. I’m glad I got to help the kids learn about what we do over here at the AIG building and just hopefully they will come into the institute ready to learn.”

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