Gulfport High robotics team builds leg prosthetics

Gulfport High School’s robotics is making a difference through engineering.

Gulfport High School has teamed up with robotics teams across the nation to help others.

Chickasaw High School asked Gulfport in August if they could help 3D print leg prosthetics for people in Honduras. They were happy to answer the call. Mechanic Raegan Mueller said, “So, this is my first year at Gulfport, and my old school, I would have never had this sort of opportunity. And when I first heard about this and the fact that we are making a change, like even outside of our country, it was just, it was incredible.”

The prosthetics are 3D printed in a cross-hatched design and intertwined with carbon fiber and Kevlar for strength.

Gulfport robotics will send these parts off to Chickasaw where they will be assembled into a leg. Career Technical Education Director Dr. Thomas Brooks said, “The unique thing about this project is that we’re using the skills that we learn in our classrooms every day, anyway. But we’re able to have an impact on our community, and in this case, the world!”

Gulfport robotics will have a chance to join Chickasaw in Honduras for the prosthetics fitting this summer.

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