Gulfport High awarded grant for trades program

Gulfport High is the only school in the south to make the top ten in the nation for a special grant benefiting skilled trades programs.
The “Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence” is awarding each school that made the cut at least $30,000. The money is going to provide more funding for Gulfport High School’s construction technology program.
The achievement was made possible by the collaboration of two teachers, Construction Tech Instructor Dave Huffman and English and Technical Writing Teacher Patrick Wadsworth.
Students in their classes work on projects that combine technical and academic skills helping students prepare for continued education or a job in construction trades. “We put this package together as a team and to make it this far, showing people what we do, making the academic world real, I think that’s the biggest thing,” said Huffman.
Wadsworth said, “We can only do as much as the administration lets us do. They’ve been very supportive of us since the beginning and encouraged us to collaborate and basically to dream big. This is going to let a lot of kids dream big, too.”
The teachers that entered in the competition to win the grant say one of the things they want to use the money for is to build a bigger greenhouse. The grand prize winner of $100,000 will be announced on October 26th.

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