Gulfport Gives Canned Goods to St. Vincent de Paul Society

Tuesday, the City of Gulfport gave back to the community and they did so in style.

The Gulfport Fire Department delivered canned goods to the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Gulfport Tuesday morning. These canned goods go to help any kind of family or person in need. The society tells News 25 they feed between 35 and 50 families per day and especially now during the holiday season, they have more people at their door.

Michael Beyerstedt, Gulfport Fire Chief, says, “Oh, we’re blessed. We realize the blessings that we have every day because we get to see people who are struggling to make it, and so it makes us feel good just to be able to help back out with the community.”

The goods collected Tuesday will go towards restocking the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s supply since they have already given most of it away for Christmas.

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