Gulfport Fire Department’s first female firefighter

There are more than 1.1 million firefighters in the United States. According to the National Fire Protection Association, only seven percent are women. Gulfport Fire Department just welcomed their first female firefighter.
Julie Glosek is a mom, a retired Seabee, a CrossFit instructor, a Girl Scout troop leader. Now, she can add firefighter to that list. “I said, you know, I am going to try for the fire department here and I work out with some of the guys from the fire department and they said you know, there has never been a female and I took that challenge and I said challenge accepted.”
That is just what she did, making her the first female to pass the Gulfport Fire Department’s physical test and even though Glosek was sick on the day of the test, she did not let that stop her from making history. “For breakfast the day of, I had chicken noodle soup and Mucinex and Dayquil and hot tea and coffee and everything just to be ready for the test because everyone knew about it and they were behind me and I couldn’t let them down.”
The physical test is an evaluation of agility and strength and requires firefighter hopefuls to do things like jumping through windows and carrying a 200 pound dummy for one hundred feet. “It’s everything from sit-ups to walking up the ladder. It’s a one hundred foot ladder at a 75 degree angle and you think of 75 degrees and you’re like ok and then you look at it and you are looking straight up, but it was cool. I got up there and you are clipped in for two minutes and I got to see the Seabee Base and got to look all around.”
Glosek hopes to inspire other women to be fit and break stereotypes and accept the challenge just like she did. “I have to be a role model for my seven-year-old and this is amazing. I hope more females do the test. I mean, it’s possible. It’s possible to pass. I hope I can motivate them to go out and do it.”

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