Gulfport Fire Department shows support for breast cancer awareness

The Gulfport Fire Department is showing its support for those going through breast cancer by wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

When the firefighters received their department shirts, they were happy to show their support for a good cause.

Each shirt was outlined in pink on the back and on the front had a pink ribbon behind their logo.

The firefighters have been wearing pink t-shirts on duty and in the community this month.

Firefighters are at increased risk for numerous cancers. Studies show cancer can be directly linked to carcinogens and other chemicals found in smoke and other materials regularly present at fire scenes. Gulfport Fire Department Chief Billy Kelley said, “Fire service is just a customer service driven business and that’s what we are here for supporting our community and breast cancer affects so many families and so many community members and even some of our team members here have stories or family members or people they know that are affected by breast cancer and the team loves it and they buy into and ask for it every year. We just want to show our support.”

The Gulfport Fire Department will be at the Pink Dress Run that benefits Carter’s Champions this weekend to continue showing their support.

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