Gulfport Fire Department shares safety tips for Fourth of July fireworks

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and what better way to commemorate the holiday than by firing off some fireworks?

But before you decided to light up the night sky with fireworks, don’t forget to make safety your top priority.

Gulfport Fire Chief Billy Kelly shared some safety reminders. He says make sure you always read the instruction manuals for your fireworks, have a bucket of water nearby, ignite them at least 75 feet away from any structures, and never leave your children unsupervised. “Don’t take your eye off of them. Never let a child become complacent with a firework because it can turn tragic very quick whether it’s a burn injury or something in the eye. Just want everybody to have a fun and safe Fourth.”

You can’t shoot fireworks within city limits. You can use areas of the sand beach in Harrison County for your Fourth celebrations, just be sure and clean up afterwards or as Chief Kelley says, the best way to enjoy the Fourth is to watch the city’s fireworks display Monday night.

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