Gulfport Courthouse provides new toys for children in court

Appearing in court can be a stressful experience, especially for children, but two members of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors want to ensure the experience children have with the Harrison County Court System is a pleasant one.

News 25 spoke with Harrison County Supervisor Angel Middleton who recently racked up some toys to be used in the waiting and interview rooms at the Harrison County Courthouse.

These toys help children relax in a more fitting environment when being questioned about difficult situations before appearing in court. “So the thing is, that sometimes kids are put in a position where they have to testify or be involved in a divorce and it might be a bad situation but, this makes the bad situation better. They can come play, have a good time, be a kid. Instead of being forced into an adult world. So, it makes a big difference to these kids.”

Middleton says this has been helpful for children who become bored and to help keep them quiet while court is in session.

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