Gulfport city employees receive raise

As if we weren’t already looking forward to the end of 2020, Gulfport’s budget for the coming fiscal year has city employees ready to see the first of November.

Every year towards the end of September, the Gulfport City Council evaluates its budget and this year directors sorted through project cuts to raise paychecks for city employees. Gulfport Public Information Officer LaShaundra McCarty said, “I think that it’s great for moral, one. For somebody to be working hard for the city that they love and get a benefit like this. I also think it encourages those that are outside to be like, you know what, they do a lot of work so this is wonderful that the city is helping employees by recognizing their level of work.”

And recognize they did after city employees have not seen a raise across the board since 2008. With COVID-19 delaying the initial raise in the spring, Carolyn Munns, a Gulfport city employee, says this is good for everyone here. “It’s been quite some time since city employees have gotten raises and it was long overdue, long overdue and as much as we try to do our best, city raises make a difference.”

Although the coronavirus pandemic created difficult times for many, the original raise proposition for city employees was originally at three percent before it was canceled, but is now sitting at four and a half percent that will start in November. Gulfport Fire Chief Michael Beyerstedt said, “So this is even better and I think our administration just recognized the great job that our workforce does as a whole here, certainly in the fire department, but in the other departments too and they wanted to award that good performance.”

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