Gulfport business offering healthy meal prep options

If one of your goals in 2023 is to eat healthier foods, but you don’t have time to shop or cook for yourself, meal prepping may be the solution for you!

Eat Right Meal Prep is the only meal prep company in the state with nutritional approval by two hospitals.

In order to receive weekly meal plans that start at $50 a week, you place an order for your healthy food by Wednesday and pick up the following Monday or it can be delivered to you if you live in a 40-mile radius of the business.

All meals contain 600 calories or less, less than 800 milligrams of sodium, and contain zero refined sugars added or refined grains.

Eat Right has several different options manufactured and cooked by Salute’s Rob Stinson. Eat Right Co-Owner Michele Clarke said, “You can pick either a customizable package and just pick the meals that you want or the chef’s choice package and get one of each of what’s on the menu. There’s 30 new items every week.”

Eat Right Co-Owner Joff Clarke said, “With 295 meals and 30 different meal choices on every single week’s menu, it’s really nice to have that variety and you don’t get bored… and when you don’t get bored you tend to stick to it, and when you can stick to it you get great results over time.”

To learn more about Eat Right, go to their website at

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