Gulfport Amnesty Program

The Gulfport Municipal Court announced a new amnesty program in an effort to assist those who may have accumulated old fines.

The program will last for over two months, starting February 15th and ending on April 30th. To qualify for the amnesty program, you must be able to pay your balance in full with cash or credit card.

Then all unpaid late fees will be removed and any warrants or failure to comply warrant on a payment plan will be cleared. Court administrator Terri Fairley said, “Let’s say you owe $1,250 and you have $1,200, that other $50 is in late fees. We can remove those late fees, let you pay off the $1,200 and clear any warrant that you may have related to those old fines and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about having an arrest warrant hanging over your head because you have taken care of your fines.”

Visit the Gulfport Municipal Court of 15th Street to make your payment and if you have questions give them a call at 228-868-5855.

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