Gulf Coast Veterans Healthcare System looking for new red coat workers

The team at the Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System is looking for new volunteers for its Red Coat program.

Red coat workers are special volunteers who assist veterans with their needs such as directing them to their appointments, providing them with goods they need, and more.

To join the team, you will have to go through an onboarding process with some background checks.

The team is mostly made up of former veterans and family members of veterans, however, that is not a requirement.

The VA is currently looking for anyone who would like to help. VA Chief of Community and Public Affairs Shaun Shenk said, “They understand the importance and the nobleness of our cause and so that’s why were what we think a very special place is when our veterans walk through our door, that person greeting them understands where they are coming from and is willing to help them get to their appointment or resolve any need that they have.”

To join the team or to learn more about the program, call 228-523-5763 or email

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