Gulf Coast supports victims of Paris attacks

Gulfport’s Jones Park is decked out with Christmas lights–celebrating the approaching holiday season. But this weekend, new lights emanated from beneath the park’s pavilion, glowing blue, white, and red–the colors of France’s flag. Honoring the 129 people killed in Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. Local residents tell News 25 they are not surprised at the display of support here on the coast — especially since the South is known for its hospitality. They say when tragedy strikes, humanity unifies.


"We want to show our warmth, our support, our love for our fellow citizens we’re all humans we all go through heartache and sad times,” says Gulfport resident Maria Barberee. “But what happened was just unacceptable just like over here in 9/11 and we got so much support from other countries and so we want to show as a small community that we can do that in return."


Bill Raymond, of the Biloxi Historical Society, says "In the wake of what’s happened in Paris, we think this is an appropriate way to be able to use our lighthouse and use our lighthouse as a symbol to show how much we support them."


Some restaurants hung the French flag outside their businesses to show support for the innocent lives taken in Friday’s attacks. They are visible reminders that no matter where tragedy strikes, human life is still valued in most places globally.”

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