Gulf Coast Sportsman Club holds annual Kids Fishing Rodeo

The Gulf Coast Sportsman Club held its annual children’s fishing rodeo in Bay St. Louis over the weekend.

The club has organized this event since its creation 37 years ago. The rodeo gives children 13 and under the ability to learn the basics of fishing and to let them get their feet wet in the fishing competition world.

Trophies were given out to the top three winners in each of the ten fish categories. These categories include speckled trout, red fish, flounder, ground mullet, white trout, croaker, bass, perch, and even crab.

Each of the kids were given a free fishing rod as well. Gulf Coast Sportsman Club President Truman Shultz said, “We got them that had been fishing with us from five till they make 13, and right now we’re kind of witnessing kind of like a turnover. Everyone has kind of grown over the 13 and now we got a new crop coming up so you know we’re hoping we can continue doing it as long as we can.”

The club even held raffles for prices given at the end of the rodeo.

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