Gulf Coast man safe after witnessing Vegas shooting

A Biloxi man and his wife are safe after battling through last night’s crowd during the mass shooting that took at least 59 lives in Las Vegas. Dean Moody is crediting his wife’s need to use the restroom for helping them make a swift escape from the concert.
Moody tells News 25 he and his wife, Kim Foster, were in Las Vegas with a group of about 50 others on a golf trip through the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. Moody says he and his wife were the only two who attended the three night concert. Moody says Foster had to use the restroom so they started walking toward the back of the crowd.
At first, he though the gunshots were just a helicopter overhead, but when the music stopped and the crowd started running, it became very clear the danger they were in. “We run into one of those vending booths and they started throwing tables up to try to block anything from coming in there and I don’t know if this guy is on the ground or what and I told my wife we need to get out of there. We need to run down the road. So we left there and they had a set of bleachers in the back and we ran between a wall and the bleachers. I saw people falling down but I don’t know if they were hit or they were just tripping from running. Now that I’ve seen the reports and people were getting shot, I’m sure we were seeing that.”
Moody says they were able to get back to their room at Caesar’s Palace and all casinos went on lock down. Today, Moody says the strip had an eerie calmness to it.
He says they will return to the Coast tomorrow.

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