Gulf Coast Historical and Cultural Expo at Biloxi Visitors Center

Those interested in learning more about the history along the Coast headed to the annual Gulf Coast Historical and Cultural Exposition.

Information booths were set up inside the Biloxi Visitor Center to give guests a chance to learn about the rich history and diverse cultural heritage of the area. George Yurchak with the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church said, “People on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and surrounding states to come and see what Mississippi has to offer in the way of culture and things to see and do.”

The exposition features displays, presentations, demonstrations, lectures, films, and performances by different organizations and historical societies. Maria Loukatos with the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church said, “It’s full of culture. It’s full of history and we try to bring some of that here and make it known.”

The D’Iberville Historical Society had a booth set up and President Keith Wilson says many people don’t know the rich history behind D’Iberville, but events like the Gulf Coast Historical and Cultural Exposition gives them a chance to learn. D’Iberville Historical Society President Keith Wilson said, “D’Iberville is a young city. It was incorporated in 1988. We are looking back as far as Pierre Le Moyne D’Iberville, but at the same time, the city has 35 years of a growing history and that’s why we are out here, to let people know what’s going on in the gateway city.”

Wilson says the goal is for each organization and society to come together and spread the information to others. “Having a society and all the other societies here on the Coast come together, explain each individual history, it’s what it is all about and learning about the cultures and all the good things that Coastal Mississippi has to offer.”

In conjunction with the exposition, the annual Biloxi Lighthouse Arts and Crafts Fair will be taking place at the visitors center Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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