Gulf Coast high school seniors react to school closings

High school seniors across the Coast are still coming to terms with the fact they won’t be returning to school following Governor Reeves’ announcement on Tuesday.

Seniors across the Coast are now coming to terms with the fact they won’t return to campus to finish school, something that carries a lot of emotions for Long Beach High Senior Shayla Pierson. “The end is like what you look forward to for all the little things. Like I said, senior send off, getting your yearbook, graduation and all that.”

As the first person to graduate from high school in her family, Shayla’s hopeful she can celebrate her accomplishments with some sort of graduation ceremony when it is safe to do so. “I want our traditional graduation, even if it’s not at the coliseum, even if it’s at our football stadium or something.”

Since the outbreak, Shayla has made work and her monogramming business a priority. Fellow Long Beach classmate and Perks Coffee Shop employee Nick Lyon is grateful for his job right now. “It takes my mind off of school, except when I get home and have to do all that work, but being here for eight or seven hours, it really helps me out.”

As for the things they miss the most about school, it is the human connections that can’t be replaced. Long Beach High Senior Riley Williams said, “I think of all my class as a family cause we’ve been through so much together already, but we have group chats and everything and we’re staying in touch, but it’s really hard not being able to see them every day.”

But above all, these seniors know the safety of their neighbors is what really matters. “Right now, I’m just looking out for my grandpa and all the other people that are around me.”

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