Gulf Coast first responders return from aiding Hurricane Laura victims

First responders from the Gulf Coast recently returned from helping victims in Lake Charles.

After Hurricane Laura tore through regions of Louisiana, first responders from Harrison County and the entire Gulf Coast felt it was their responsibility to help the neighboring state.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson recalled the help they received because of Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago. “It wasn’t anybody’s idea. It wasn’t a one person job. It was something that we just came together and formed. We took that from Katrina and we try to pay it forward every year.”

Responders partnered with law enforcement in the Lake Charles area and provided about 3,000 meals and sealed about 28 damaged homes with tarp for the victims. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “We take care of one another. We take care of one another on the streets. We take care of one another at our homes, we take care of one another in our communities and this is just an extended community. They got impacted, we know what they went through so we do what we have to do to try and lessen that impact.”

Gulf Coast responders are all too familiar with this kind of destruction so they are focused on providing for other communities who are in need during this time. “Everybody on the Coast feels as though we still owe. I think that our debt is never repaid. I think law enforcement feels that strongly and I think the community feels that strongly.”

The group left for Louisiana on August 31st and returned September 4th for what was just one of many trips to help victims of natural disasters.

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