Gulf Coast Elite Training helping high school athletes

While the fate of the 2020 high school football season in Mississippi is still to be determined, local athletes are finding a way to still get on the field and put in some work.

As high school football players strive to make it to the next level, many look to private training to improve their game. Dozens of college athletes and even pros use private trainers.

However, the price for just an hour session can be steep, the low-end starting at $50 per hour going all the way up to $300.

Gulf Coast Elite Training offers training for free to athletes who simply want to work hard. Head Trainer Tavaris Crosby said “Well one of the main things we wanted to do ‘cause we knew there were a lot of programs around here that charged, you know, and there’s a lot of kids or parents that wasn’t able to, you know, be a part of that because of the fees and all that. So we wanted to kinda do something different and just provide services for free so kids can come out and, you know, the ones who couldn’t afford the fees or whatever from the other organizations they can come out with us and train for free.”

GC Elite Training CEO Donte Stallworth said, “We love these kids and we love this game, man. And we wouldn’t charge kids for something we love doing.”

Stallworth and Crosby fell into training first by training their own sons. After some discussion, the two decided to start Gulf Coast Elite Training to help provide information and skills to athletes who don’t have access to trainers. “My favorite part is the kids. You know, just watching them progress and seeing them get in shape from week to week. You know, sometimes they come out in the first week that we get them, they’re not in shape, they’re throwing up or, you know, their head’s hurting and all that, but then you see them progress and eventually get stronger and get more endurance about themselves. So, it’s been a good experience so far.”

GC Elite Athletes and their parents are grateful for what Stallworth and Crosby are doing. GC Elite Parent Dennis Stevenson said, “One thing I’ve seen since he started working with this unit is he’s very motivated, instead of sitting at home playing video games he wants to get out here. Working with Donte has truly been a blessing. He has gotten calls from different colleges he hadn’t in the past and so we’re excited about it and I see a great commitment that I haven’t seen in the past.”

Several GC Elite athletes have gone on or have gotten offers to play at all college levels. Stallworth’s and Crosby’s advice for athletes wanting to play college football is simple. “Just stay focused. Come here and prepare. Stay focused and stay humble. And stay hungry.”

“The ones who want it the most is the ones who are going to put in the most work. You know, if you want it, you gotta go out and get it. And that’s what I preach to these guys. You know, just being humble and staying focused on what your goal is.”

GC Elite welcomes all positions to train with them from quarterbacks to receivers to kickers.

The group trains Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m. at Prudie Circle in Gulfport.

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