Gulf Coast Classic Dog Show

This weekend, the Coast Coliseum held some of the most beautiful furry friends in the world. They were here to compete in this year’s Gulf Coast Dog Show.

Eleven hundred purebreds came out to compete. This is the tenth year the Mobile Kennel Club has held their dog show in Biloxi. Many locals got to come out and watch the competition in addition to having a chance to meet and greet a variety of different dog breeds.

Brian Carberry, the show’s chair, told News 25 he hopes in years to come more people who may not know much about dog shows comes out to support the Gulf Coast Classic Dog Show. “Anytime you get a chance to go to a dog event, come out, and learn about all of the different things you can do with a dog. There’s a lot more to it than just going around in a circle and looking pretty. You know, there are so many more events out there and things that people can do with their dogs and we just encourage everybody to get out and go do something with everybody’s favorite canine pet.”

The Gulf Coast Classic Dog Show had some canine celebrities competing as well. The number two toy dog and the number one Pekingese in the country were at this showing.

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