Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade brings thousands to Biloxi

Thousands of people gathered together in Biloxi for one of the biggest parades of the season.

For 111 years, people of all ages have been flooding the streets of Biloxi for the annual Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade and for many the parade is a tradition. “I’ve probably been coming for about 40 years to Mardi Gras and it is always fun and it is always the first time.”

People came from all over to catch some beads and let the good times roll. Some of these people were experiencing Mardi Gras and America for the first time. “I’m really glad to be here. This is my first time in America and I am enjoying the parade. This is my first Mardi Gras parade so I am having fun here with you guys. Thank you for this beautiful event here. I like it.”

Not all visitors had to fly to get to the parade; some just had a quick drive across state borders, like members of the Krewe of Poseidon from Louisiana. They have been coming to this parade for the last five years. “It’s just such a nice place to come over to and get away. It’s kind of a vacation in a vacation. It’s just a quick little jaunt over from Slidell, but it kind of feels like you are on vacation as well. It really is just a nice place to be.”

Others came from the east, like this man from Alabama. “We love to see the new parades. We have never been over here for a parade and wanted to see something bigger than what Gulf Shores has.”

But no matter where you are from, almost everyone can agree it was a great day for all.

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