Group brings warm meal and hope: feeding the homeless in Gulfport

With the cold weather quickly approaching, shelters cross the Coast are preparing to open, including the Salvation Army’s cold weather shelter in Gulfport. That will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

But keeping those less fortunate safe and healthy can take a village.

They’re called the Biscuit Brigade, and for the past two years they’ve spent every Saturday morning at St. Peter’s By the Sea in Gulfport making food so those in need can have a warm meal. They take the biscuits to the parking lot at Feed my Sheep. Jan Shook with the Biscuit Brigade said, “Oh, they are very grateful and very gracious.”

Their work does not stop. Anytime the Salvation Army cold weather shelter opens, the Biscuit Brigade is up bright and early making sure guests have a warm meal before they head outside. “So our Biscuit Brigade name kind of originated with very inclement weather we had in January of 2018 when the shelter was open for 19 days. So, we cooked all of those days.”

Major Bradley Caldwell with the Salvation Army says the biscuits mean more to the people who use the shelter than just a warm meal, it shows the community hasn’t forgotten them and someone cares. “Well, it’s vital for them, many of them, even if they are staying in their own tents, don’t have a lot of warm things to keep them warm when the temperatures drop that low. So, they are thankful just for the chance to be inside.”

Shook says delivering warm meals to the homeless brings her a joy she hopes everyone can experience. “If we believe that we are to follow in Jesus’ footsteps then we are supposed to feed his sheep and that’s what we try to do. It comes back to us more beautifully than we give. We are all blessed by doing it.”

If you would like to get involved with the Biscuit Brigade call St. Peter’s by the Sea in Gulfport at 228-863-2611.

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