Grilling Safety

Blossman Propane, Gas, Appliance and Service released their top 10 grilling tips.
The most important tips are about safely operating your propane grill. Checking hoses for cracks or leaks should be at the top of your list. Starting you grill correctly is the next step to keeping safe.
Jamie Thrift of Blossman Propane Gas, Appliance and Service said, “The biggest thing that I see is never try to light your grill with the lid down. Always make sure that the lid’s open. Always start with one burner at one time, ease your tank valve on, and then make sure you have some kind of ignition source before you turn the gas on. But that would be the biggest thing that we see, never try to light it with your top down.”
Grillers not confident in checking their own hoses and valves can have them checked by whoever fills their propane tanks.

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