The Great American Shakeout

Lyman Elementary School joined millions across the world this morning in practicing how to drop, cover, and hold on.

The Great American Shakeout earthquake drill started 10 years ago in southern California, but is new to Lyman Elementary.

The students are taught three steps to stay safe. The first step is to drop where you are on to your hands and knees, second, cover your head and neck and crawl under a desk or table if possible, and finally, hold on until the shaking stops.

It has been more than 200 years since a major earthquake has rattled Mississippi, but Lyman administration want to make sure they are prepared in case history repeats itself. Lyman Elementary Principal Melanie Upton said, “We want everyone to be prepared so that we can evacuate or get in place in a shelter whatever in the most effective manner so that everybody is safe. It pays to be prepared and considering it was the first one they all did amazing.”

South Mississippi sits on the New Madrid fault line so if an earthquake were to occur, these students would know just what to do.

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