Graveline Bridge in Jackson County to be Renovated

A small bridge in Jackson County on Graveline Road at LaMotte Bayou will soon receive a much needed makeover.
After pushing for funds to fix the bridge, the county has been given almost $2 million to build a new one.
The county was awarded federal funds through the state under the Bridge Replacement Program. The 76 foot bridge will be turned into a much bigger and safer 720 foot bridge. Drivers tell News 25, the old one frequently gets flooded during storms, making the bridge impossible to cross.
“One, make a better roadway that will have a walking partition there for walking along that 720 foot bridge, but it’ll also be at an elevation of 12 feet, which will eliminate almost event that could happen to where water may get up on that roadway,” said Mike Magnum, Jackson County supervisor.
The city hopes to start construction on the bridge early next year.

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