Grant me Hope: Twins Brandon and Brayden hope to be adopted

Every Monday here on WXXV we feature children from Mississippi hoping to get adopted.

Today you will meet Brandon and his twin brother Brayden. They have been waiting over nine months to find a loving home.

Brandon and his twin brother Brayden are a playful pair hoping to find a loving home. They love playing games together and Chuck E Cheese is their favorite destination. Competitive at times, they make a wonderful team. Brandon loves to read and enjoys a good story. Brayden loves numbers and excels in math.

Brandon is outgoing and talkative. He likes country and blues music. When he grows up he wants to be a handy man. His favorite foods are carrots and pizza.

Brayden is quiet and takes his time getting to know people before engaging. He is artistic and likes to go to school. His favorite toy is his Captain America action figure. He is most content with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Brandon: “Adoption means to go home with a different family.” Brandon and Brayden will need a family that can provide structure and dedicate time to their needs. They are hoping to be adopted by a loving and adventurous family.

Adopting Brandon and Brayden would bring fun and love, times two, to their permanent home.

If you would like to learn more about adopting Brandon and Brayden call 601-359-4133. The Mississippi Department of Child Protection services website is

Next Monday at this time we will feature children from Mississippi hoping to find a new home.

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