Grant Me Hope: Ja’Vone, Ja’Quone, and Caprice’Ana are hoping to get adopted

Every Monday on WXXV we feature children from Mississippi hoping to get adopted. Today you will meet two brothers and a sister looking for a new home.

Ja’Vone: This is our sister right here. She’s shy.

Ja’Vone: What makes us a good family is that we can help around the house, do stuff outside for you, and if you feel bad we’ll be there for you, care for you.

Ja’Quone: If I could learn anything I would learn how to build houses for people, and I would like to learn how to play the guitar. B.B. King, he inspired me to play the guitar and I’ve also been to his museum.

Ja’Vone: I want to be a lawyer, help people with cases, most importantly I like to play sports and my favorite colors are blue and purple. I think my sister wants to be a singer because she always says she wants to be a singer. I believe that she wants somebody that she can trust, be there for her, forgiving, helpful, support through the good times, be there when she’s sick, care for her, support her through school and college, and help her make it through life.

Ja’Quone: You get a new family, it means new people, being around people that really care about you and supports you throughout life.

Ja’Vone: You don’t have to be blood related but they care for you like they had you as their own. They support you, be there for you when you’re right. If I have a future mom and she feels sad or sick, I want to be there for her. I want to help her out, help her get through it.

Ja’Vone: But the reason why I would love for us to get adopted together is because I’ve been with them since we’ve been in custody for a long time. I love my brother and sister.

If you would like to learn more about adopting the children call 601-359-4133. The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services website is

Next Monday we will feature another child from Mississippi hoping to find a new home.

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