Grant Me Hope: 10-year-old Diana hopes to be adopted

Every Monday here on WXXV we feature a child from Mississippi hoping to get adopted. Today you will meet 10-year-old Diana.

She has been looking for someone to adopt her for almost three years.


“My name is Diana. I am ten years old and I’m going into the fifth grade.

My favorite movie was filmed in Paris. I’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in real life; and Paris is just a beautiful place, it’s got so many romantic places and it’s just magical!

Inside, I like to play Barbies, outside I like to play on the playground or on the trampolines. I love puppies and kitties. I love every kind of animal because I just have a lot of experiences with them. My favorite animal is a dog. A Labrador.

I do not like storms. If I could have any super power, my super power would probably be lightning powers because lightning powers are really cool and you can just control anything…and…I would turn it sunny!

Adoption means to me: Honest, caring about who you’re with and loving the surroundings around you. I want to see honesty in my family, I want to see love in my family. I want to see forgiveness, I want to see Christian. I want to go on vacations, all kinds of silliness, laughter and just a fun family.

If I was adopted into your family, I would probably be happy. I would behave very well. I would probably give you trouble just a little bit. I would be helpful, I will love you and you’ll probably be one of my favorite people in the world!”


If you would like to learn more about adopting Diana call 601-359-4133.

The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services website is

Next Monday we will feature another child from Mississippi hoping to find a new home.

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