Graduation season arrives on the Coast

It’s finally time for seniors across the Coast to take that final walk down the halls, across the stage, and into the future.
The graduation of the class of 2017 is upon us. Tonight, Long Beach High School kicked things off at the Coast Coliseum, but thousands of soon to be graduates are still preparing for their big night.
Here’s Long Beach’s valedictorian Caleigh Lynn Trylor with what you can expect from her class. “It’s bittersweet. We’re all really proud of what we’ve accomplished this year. I think we’re excited for our futures, but we’re all going to miss each other. We’ve got engineers, doctors, it’s gonna be a really great group coming out of Long Beach this year.”
Here at WXXV we’d like to congratulate the seniors of 2017 on 18 years of hard work.
You can find a complete list of graduation dates and times here.

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