Grabbing Last Minute Mardi Gras Supplies Gulfport

The big Mardi Gras weekend and Fat Tuesday sits right around the corner. So that begs the question: do you have the supplies to get the party started?
If you don’t, the Mardi Gras Supplies Store on Pass Road in Gulfport has just about everything you’d need.
From the Twelfth Night through Fat Tuesday, the supply store makes about 75 percent of its sales for the year.
As usual, revelers are flowing in daily, skyrocketing sales at the store.
For Coast residents, it’s a place to get your everyday Mardi Gras supplies, but also grab a few special things along the way. Randy Schneiter was shopping for Mardi Gras. He said, “The supplies are very important because you know we have the specialty beads here. You know just for folks we know. We want to get away from just the normal regular beads so we bought a few little extra things for people we know.”
Jared Seymour was shopping for Mardi Gras. He said, “To me it’s the number one holiday. I just like to have fun. I’m an adult, no kids so it’s an adult party for me so that’s why I like Mardi Gras it’s my number one holiday.”
The supply store is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 7 and Sunday from 10 to 6.

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