Governor Tate Reeves discusses meeting about COVID vaccine

Following the report of the coronavirus case numbers being released, Governor Tate Reeves briefed Mississippians on the state of a vaccine.

This week, Governor Tate Reeves spoke with Vice President Mike Pence along with others of the Trump Administration about the development of the vaccine process.

Reeves said ‘politics is unfortunately infecting this,’ saying ‘politicians on the left and their dislike for President Trump clouds this scientific experiment.’  “I feel confident that this vaccine will be here quickly and safely. I’m grateful to President Trump, the coronavirus task force and the tremendous partners in the private sector across America that has led us to this point. Honestly this says a lot about America that we are where we are and its process. It’s American ingenuity and free enterprise that has led the way and with the Trump Administration’s cooperation, we will be the ones who launch a vaccine that can truly put this pandemic behind us.”

There is still no set timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine but Governor Tate Reeves expresses it will be thoroughly checked before being distributed.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs is also urging everyone to get a flu vaccine. A statewide mask mandate remains in replace through the end of September.

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