Governor Reeves urging residents to stay prepared

Governor Tate Reeves briefed Mississippians today ahead of Hurricane Sally’s landfall which is expected tomorrow morning.

Though there is still a lot of uncertainty with Hurricane Sally, Governor Reeves is urging Mississippians to still stay prepared as forecasters predict heavy rainfall and major flooding.

Reeves said the bad news is that Sally is expected to make landfall tomorrow morning during high tide. There are a number of shelters available to those in need. “We do have a number of shelters that are open throughout our state including the medical shelter that we mentioned yesterday. We have six people, at most recent count, in that medical needs shelter in Stone County. We have approximately 120 people in shelters throughout the state. We do continue to believe regardless of where the eye of the storm makes landfall that particularly in Jackson County that we will see over 15 inches of rain for portions of Jackson County and as much as 10 inches of rain throughout Jackson and George counties.”

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