Governor Reeves thankful Mississippi braved Sally

Governor Tate Reeves today thankful that Mississippi has braved Hurricane Sally, mentioning the storm was highly unpredictable.

Just Sunday afternoon, Sally was predicted to hit Port Sulphur, Louisiana which would have put Mississippi to the east of the storm.

South Mississippi still saw significant rainfall and rising waters in Jackson County, along with 10,000 power outages in the state.

While the state of Mississippi was fairly lucky, Governor Reeves said there are still storms near the Gulf of Mexico that we need to keep an eye on.

Emergency Management Director Greg Michel was on the Coast as Sally made its way to the Coast line and praises officials for preparing the way they did. “The events that the emergency management agency has taken over the last few days, I do not consider that a waste of time or effort at all. These were good events. A number of things that we’ve fleshed out and worked through are all good, all good results. I will tell you that we will be doing this again. As the governor mentioned to you, there are seven systems out there right now, one of which is a system in the Bay of Campeche, we could be doing this again in a few days. So, just want to reiterate to remain vigilant, do not take these actions for granted. This storm, as the governor said was projected to hit us on Sunday, had it done so, we would’ve been looking at a far different situation right now.”

Governor Reeves said the state of Mississippi is ready to assist Alabama and Florida with any relief efforts.

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