Governor Reeves speaks on what an overturn of Roe v. Wade could mean for MS

Governor Tate Reeves came down to the Coast for a safety initiative press conference, but we were able to ask him a few quick questions about the Senate failing to pass measures to keep abortion legal nationwide.

Governor Reeves says if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, abortion will become illegal in the state of Mississippi except in cases of rape or to save the life of the mother.

However, he says there is no intention from him or anyone he knows of in Mississippi to eliminate any forms of contraceptives.

He says he has no knowledge of anyone discussing that matter in the state. “It’s an unfortunate leak that occurred early last week, and really it was an attack on the institution that is the Supreme Court. But, if in fact the draft opinion is accurate and if in fact a majority of the justices are going to overturn Roe, that means we are going to be able to save millions and millions of babies’ lives across Mississippi and across America.”

The draft leak was published by Politico on May 2nd.

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