Governor Reeves speaks on discussion on changing state flag

Governor Tate Reeves took to social media today to discuss the talks about changing the state flag.

Reeves said that he opposes any proposal that would establish a second state flag.

Reeves initially indicated he would consider a potential bill from the state legislature allowing a second official flag to be flown in place of the current banner, which includes the confederate emblem.

However, he said a second flag would only create further division.

On Facebook today he wrote: “Over the weekend there has been a proposal floating amongst some in the legislature to create a second Mississippi flag. Let’s call it the “Separate but Equal” flag option. While well-intentioned I’m sure, it does not meet the threshold. Any similar plan would actually accomplish the exact opposite of our stated goal—it would actually divide our state more. I don’t believe it would satisfy either side of this debate, and I don’t think it is a viable alternative.”

He went on to say: “We must work together to find a solution where, when everyone has their say, we can come back together as a family and prosper. We must work together to find a solution that, once all is said and done, unites us as a people proud of our future!”

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