Governor Reeves to look over school reopening plans

For some students in Mississippi, they have now gone five months without any significant learning opportunities, Governor Tate Reeves today addressing the state on concerns for reopening schools next month.

Here on the Coast, we’ve seen nearly all school reopening plans from each district which have already been sent to Jackson.

Governor Reeves says the local school districts have an immense amount of flexibility but, unlike the school year that just ended, he doesn’t anticipate the state department of education to waive the 180 day rule.

Governor Reeves said he’s going to consider anything that he believes will help slow the spread of the virus so that we can more quickly get back to a more normal environment.

However, some plans he says look good and others do not. “I am committed to making sure that every kid has an opportunity to learn in 2020-2021 and that every plan that every school district has submitted, gives every kid the opportunity to see academic improvement in both the short, intermediate and the long term. I do not want to issue an executive orders, I do not want to use my emergency powers to ensure that is the case. I want to have confidence in our local school boards to make the best decisions for Mississippi kids but I cannot sit idly by while some school districts are educating kids and others do not have plans in place that can both protect the kids as well as make sure they are seeing academic progress.”

Reeves said he’s looking forward to the schools reopening plans that are due at the end of this week by school districts, but he’s also saying we have to work to provide the safest possible environment which remains ongoing.

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