Governor Reeves issues executive orders to support military communities

Governor Tate Reeves announced today the signing of two executive orders in support of military communities and families.

In 2020, Mississippi was home to more than 7,000 children with active-duty parents. In an effort to support those children, Executive Order 1561 directs the Mississippi Department of Education to create the Military Star Schools Program.

This program will recognize schools that maintain a school culture supportive of military children.

The second executive order, 1562, establishes the Mississippi Defense Communities Development Council by expanding the organization’s mission and focus.

Governor Reeves says Mississippi’s military installations are vital to the state’s economy and the MDCDC will provide an additional voice for these installations to ensure they continue their best efforts. “Mississippi has long been a military-friendly state. We are a state where military members, service members have trained, where they have worked, where they have raised their families and when necessary, they have prepared for war. As long as I am governor, Mississippi will do everything in our power to support our military personnel and their families.”

Governor Reeves laid out the details of the orders and the importance of taking care of military personnel and their families.

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