Governor Reeves holds coronavirus update press briefing

Despite coronavirus cases climbing, Governor Tate Reeves continues looking for ways to safely reopen the Magnolia State.

During his daily press briefing, Governor Reeves acknowledged the steady high number of cases each day and urged Mississippians to take it as a warning that just because things are reopening it doesn’t mean the pandemic is done or even coming to an end.

Governor Reeves reports the active hospitalizations, ICU patients admitted, the number of ventilators in use, and the total number of deaths remain flat, but the case numbers continue to grow with the discovery of people who are asymptomatic.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs issued a warning for all Mississippians as the pandemic continues. “So please, this is not over. The funerals, churches, mass gatherings are places where we saw outbreaks early on in this pandemic in Mississippi. We don’t want a repeat of that from before. So, please be very careful with your social distancing. Even when I know these are painful situations and you want to hug and kiss and share but especially if you’re symptomatic, do not go. Do not go to church. Do not go to a funeral. Do not go to a wedding. We don’t want a funeral to lead to more funerals which we have actually seen that. So please stay home if you’re ill and honor the social distancing principles that we know are very important and effective in protecting us. The only other thing I would like to mention certainly virtual worship services are the recommended safest way to go but for people who are having in-person worship I really do strongly encourage you to look at the governor’s recommendations about how to be as safe as possible and that’s something that we’ve posted on the department of health website.”

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