Governor Reeves gives COVID-19 update

Governor Tate Reeves had to cancel his daily press briefing at the original location due to a power outage. However, he managed to give an update on Facebook live.

Governor Reeves still says what we’re doing is working, but now is the time to “redouble our efforts and work even harder to make sure” we’re slowing the spread of the virus.

As for high school sports in the coming weeks, Governor Reeves had this to say: “I believe that we can play sports and we can do it in a safe way and a way to do that is by limiting crowd size. We’ve already made some announcements as it related to youth sports like baseball, soccer etc. But now we’re going to do the same thing that relates to our extra-curricular activities and our sports in our K-12 schools and I think it will apply to both public and private schools because our goal is to protect everyone in our state. And the way in which you do that is by limiting crowd size by ensuring that people are socially distancing. And to ensure people are socially distancing is to limit crowd size and to also make sure that people are wearing masks so that we’re not spreading the virus.”

Reeves said he’s starting to see a decrease in numbers in the following counties: Bolivar, Forrest, Jones, Lee, Panola, and Union. However, he stressed to work even harder and to continue to follow guidelines.

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