Governor Reeves addresses Cares Act Funds

Governor Tate Reeves today discussed the response to COVID-19 and efforts to reopen the economy.

During the conference, Governor Reeves shared the plans for the Cares Act Funds that have been delegated to governors, including more help for small businesses, displaced workers, and even kids without the technology they need for distance learning.

Reeves stressed there are still rules that need to be followed in order to distribute the funds. “Today I want to announce we’re starting a competitive bidding process for third party oversight of the Cares Act funds as we begin working to get those out to the people affected by this pandemic. There will be a third party team with lots of experience making sure the state never uses this money in an improper way.”

Governor Reeves reiterated that Mississippi’s past practices have proven that strict compliance checks are the best way to make sure that happens.

He says it should be settled by sometime next week and then begins the process of utilizing these funds.

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